5 Reasons Say NO To Microblading

I bet you've heard the word microblading many times. But how much do you know about microblading? What is behind this procedure?

Most likely, you know only what has been broadcasted: flawless advertising offering perfect eyebrows in 2 hours that last a couple of years. It's hard to resist such beauty and ease! Everything looks so beautiful in the photos, but you might wonder if there are some nuances.

Many people, as if zombified by the potential of a flawless look, quickly choose the first master they come across in pursuit of an ideal appearance and neglect delving into the intricacies of the procedure. So, let’s dive into it!

  1. Microblading is unbearably painful. Despite the fact that numbing cream is used in the work, very often the procedure is accompanied by painful sensations and bleeding during the work. Microblading is a hand tool technique and is, therefore, traumatic to the skin. The modern microblading machine technique, however, involves very few, if any, painful sensations, and there is never any blood.

  2. Microblading is performed manually. By welding together 5-11 needles, the master makes an incision in the skin, after which he adds ink. In a more understandable language, this is an incision that will then turn into a scar. The scar arises from traumatic effects, since it is very difficult to control the depth of the needles with this hand technique. But don’t despair! You can still get your dream hairstrokes without harming your skin. To do this, you can simply choose the modern machine technique, where only one single needle is involved. Find out more by watching the video here.

  3. Color migration is what everyone is really afraid of: eyebrows that after a few months look colored. How do you know what your eyebrows will turn into over time? Color migration is the result of an incorrectly selected pigment and a deep traumatic effect. Pay attention to the healed work of the masters, and not the immediate look just after the procedure.

  4. Another issue is when hair becomes blurred over time and turns into a solid shadow. This is also a consequence of the poor quality work of the artist and deep skin penetration. With a modern machine hairstrokes technique, you get more stable results with a low risk of color and thickness change. 

  5. A fairly limited number of artists can provide quality microblading. You should not look for the cheapest option, as this will likely indicate the lack of qualifications of the artist. If you want to enjoy your new eyebrows and not hide them under the make-up, be responsible by choosing the right artist. Read here on how to find the microblading artist.