Does Microblading Hurt?

Hundreds of times I have heard this question from my clients: “Does it hurt?”. This is probably the most popular question when it comes to microblading. There is no unambiguous answer. There are several factors that influence the painful sensations during the procedure. Let's consider the main ones:

  1. The materials that the artist works with. If microblading is performed manually/hand technique, then 99% of the procedure will be painful, accompanied by bleeding. If microblading is performed using a machine, then the painful sensation is minimized. The hand method is literally about cutting the skin, so the pain sensation is much more noticeable. Read here how the hand technique microblading differs from the machine one.

  2. Master's technique. The comfort during the procedure depends on how superficially the artist introduces the pigment into the skin. The touch should be gentle and weightless.

  3. The next factor is the pain tolerance/threshold of each client. The same artist, the same procedure, the same tools can be reflected in different ways on different people. Depending on the body characteristics, the client may experience different sensitivities. Many of my clients fall asleep during the procedure. Others feel a slight tingling sensation. But with the machine method, you will never experience unbearable pain or any bleeding. Also, in the process of work, an anesthetic cream is used, which significantly reduces any sensations.

  4. Some medications, coffee, and alcohol the day before the procedure can negatively affect the process of the procedure, as well as painful sensations.

  5. Procedure time. A poorly experienced artist will take several hours to perform the procedure, and as a result, the skin becomes irritated and tired, thus causing pain. As a rule, the procedure should not last more than 1.5-2 hours.

  6. The next factor is psychological. Many may deny this, but as practice shows, a person who initially comes in with a fear of unbearable pain has a much stronger sensitivity than a person who is relaxed.

In the right hands and with the right attitude, the microblading procedure is absolutely comfortable and painless.