How Much Does Microblading Cost And What Are The Risks?

Why is microblading so expensive and is it worth it?

Depending on the state, the price varies greatly. For example, the price of microblading in NYC varies from $100 to $2500, the average being from $600 to $1000 per session. Sometimes you can even get this procedure done for free, but what is behind the process? And what is the price you actually have to pay? Let's figure it out!

The price is influenced by many factors. Below are the main ones.

  1. Supplies and tools that artists use. High-quality pigments are expensive, as well as professional machines that penetrate the skin very superficially. Cheap materials have consequences, such as painful procedures, color migration, scaring, and pigment fading. Cheap pigments can also cause an allergic reaction or affect the healing process, which can take a long time, creating much inconvenience and a poor appearance for a long time. The microblading price also includes all disposable materials that the artist uses during the process. That’s why it's simply impossible to get the procedure for the low cost, unless you are a model for someone in training (but please keep reading!). 

  2. Professional qualifications. If you want to get quality service with guaranteed results, you should only work with an artist with extensive experience and who has undergone a large number of trainings and classes. Each training and master class costs hundreds and thousands of dollars. Microblading isn’t cheap, and you pay for experience. With an inexperienced master, a beginner, or a student undergoing training, you can ruin your face forever. Instead of beautiful eyebrows, you may end up with an uneven staining color, an unsuitable color, scars, an uneven shape, asymmetry or no result at all. Read on to find out how to find the best microblading artist in NYC.

  3. Location, location, location. The location of the facility and the presence of a private room for performing the procedure both for your comfort and for completely sanitary conditions will also affect the cost of the service.

Remember that once you have received a cheap, low-quality procedure, it will cost you thousands of dollars to remove it, restore the skin, and get a new high-quality procedure, not to mention the massive amount of time, energy and stress wasted. 

Microblading is a medical procedure, where the professional actually injures your skin. Under the worst circumstances, there is no turning back. You cannot cut corners on your appearance and your health. Take care of yourself and approach the choice of a master responsibly.