The truth about microblading

Numerous reviews assert that the result of microblading eyebrows is a natural 3D look that lasts 1 year. But in practice, everything is quite different and we can observe undesirable consequences of microblading, including lasting or even irreversible ones.

  • edema and inflammation
  • eyebrow hair loss
  • color defects
  • the healed result is different than after the procedure
  • scars which remain for the rest of your life painful
  • sensations

The beautiful photos “before and after” which lure customers are taken right after the procedure.

Immediately after the procedure, the damaged skin contracts squeezes and the applied lines which imitate hairs look very thin, beautiful, and real. Over time you will observe something quite different. When the brows heal over, they do not form a straight line, but a dotted one and no longer look so elegant and natural. Sores (micro cuts) heal and microscars appear. The inserted pigment migrates to the dermis. Because of this, the lines become thicker, partially blurred. We highly recommend choosing a modern technique of permanent makeup - powder eyebrows.

Watch the video below:

This video material provided by @elena_nechayeva_pm