Things No One Ever Tells You About Microblading Eyebrows

Losing or getting thin eyebrows is a fairly common occurrence that most people face in their lives. This loss could be the result of any diseases, hormonal changes, medical treatment, or the aging process. There are many processes used to regrow or implant them. The market is full of several advanced ways to get permanent or semi-permanent eyebrows and Microblading is one of them.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo treatment in which microblading eyebrows are being created by a handheld tool made of several different tiny needles that work together to give an illusion of fuller eyebrows.

Microblading eyebrows look original but it generates harmful long-lasting results that nobody tells you before the treatment. People find this treatment attractive as the microblading market promotes it heavily by showing before and after catchy microblading eyebrows pictures. People themselves do not research its long time consequences before going for this procedure.

People often look for microblading near their locations to cover up their eyebrows area by microblading eyebrows but unfortunately, they do not surf the dos and don’ts of this cosmetic treatment. We do also have seen many microblading near us salons, clinic, and spas but let us tell you they are all just craps.

Microblading artists will never let you know those things that are crucial for you to know before choosing this treatment. They all hide the actual truth about this treatment just for the sake of their business. Here we have mentioned some of the very important points to guide you properly and honestly about this procedure.

Microblading Blades Scars:

Microblading eyebrows are basically made by small blades that cut the area of eyebrows and look like hair. These microblading eyebrow cuts leave deep lifetime scars that look weird and damage the shape of the forehead and eyebrows section. Professional doctors highly condemn using this procedure to get artificial eyebrows.

Microblading Eyebrows Photoshopped Pictures:

In addition to this, as people are not aware of the side effects of this procedure, so the microblading artists take advantage of this ignorance and become successful in getting customers by misleading them with spectacular photoshopped microblading eyebrows pictures.

Easy to Learn Microblading:

You will probably thing if this procedure gives negative results then why people choose this profession to do? The reason is very simple. Microblading eyebrows procedure is very cheap to learn. Anyone can learn the whole procedure within just a week, even they can learn it through the online videos. You don’t need to be an expert or professional to choose this business. Whereas the actual eyebrows tattoo procedure is expensive to learn and it is based on several years to be skilled at that.

Microblading Cost Cheap:

Likewise, the microblading cost is comparatively less than the real permanent eyebrows tattoo procedure. The basic tool the microbalding pen and supplies are cheapest than the tattoo machines and sterile safe needles. So, lots of people choose microblading eyebrows procedure to recommend their customers. 

Moreover, Microblading cost can range from $400-$1500, however it could not give a hundred percent quality results and this price range differs from artist to artist. Moreover, microblading cost also involves the technician experience, location, and the expenses of the tools.

Microblading Infection:

Microblading could cause serious infection as lots of technicians or microblading eyebrows artists do not sterilize their microblading tool or pen and use dirty water during microblading procedure. This unhealthy procedure could spread bacteria rapidly not only in the customer's body but also in surroundings. 

Microblading Swelling:

Microblading procedure involves using blades to cut the eyebrows skin and fill up the area with, due to these blade cuts the forehead and eye area get inflammation and edema. This swelling looks so bad and causes great pain in the eye area.

Microblading Losing Hair:

The instant results look good but in the long run the customers lost their natural eyebrows hair and then they never get them back in their lives.

Microblading Eyebrows Color:

Not only this, it has been noticed that the after results of microblading, in the long run come worst. The color of microblading eyebrows gets a change in a very short period of time and that looks weird.As microblading eyebrows move through the healing process the color of eyebrows fades by around 40%. They will lighten up as it heals with time. It takes around 7-14 days for the microblading eyebrows to heal over, and approximately 30 days for the color to fully set in as the final results of this treatment.

Microblading Forms Dotted Eyebrows:

Moreover, in the after results of microblading, the eyebrows which initially look very pretty, defined, straight, and beautiful, suddenly change into a mess. In the long run, the eyebrows do not look like a straight line, rather form a dotted line with lots of tiny dots.

Microblading Creates Blurred Eyebrows:

The microbladed cuts heal over and leave deep lifetime scars and destroy the beauty of the face. Likewise, the inserted pigment goes to the dermis, forms a thicker line, and partially blurred eyebrows.

Microblading Is a Big No for Some people:

One more truth about this procedure is that it is strictly not being recommended to those who have sensitive, allergic, oily skin, and have eczema, shingles, rashes, or anything else near their eyebrows. Lots of microblading artists or technicians do not guide or examine the skin of customers before doing this treatment and in the end, those customers get severe results. 

So, we would suggest you not to play your health or eyebrows and instead of microblading prefer an advanced permanent makeup tattoo powder eyebrow treatment. 

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