Creating an absolutely natural look with a realistic effect, microblading eyebrows are difficult to distinguish from the real ones. Eyebrow tattoo allows you to emphasize the shape and color of the eyebrows.

This method has a long-lasting effect and helps to hide any aesthetic imperfections in appearance.

Feel secure about your most intimate part

3D realistic nipple tattoo

Breast cancer is a long, exhausting journey where the final step is to get your life back to normal and like what you see when you look in the mirror. Realistic nipple tattooing is the procedure to restore the natural beauty of the breast. Valeria creates shadows, highlights, gradations of natural shades, with the maximum amount of details: Montgomery glands, blood vessels, even freckles. Mixing up to 5 tones helps to create natural color and realistic results.

Valeria is honored to make the final touch for your breast cancer journey and help you rebuild your positive self-image.

Before After
Before After

Decorative and heart-shaped areola

This procedure  intends to correct the shape or provide a more saturated color. Tattooing the skin around the nipples helps to enhance the natural attractiveness of the breast, for both women and men.

Areola and nipple tattoos can be useful for:

  • innate pathology - a complete or partial absence of the areolar complex

  • asymmetry - the need to restore the areola complex after amputation or other surgical interventions

  • vitiligo, scars, burns camouflage

  • mismatch of the pigment of the nipple areola (cyanosis, color irregularities) or unevenness of its borders

  • mismatch of the size of the areola

  • a preference to make the natural color deeper and richer

  • a preference to enhance the shape

Good to know

  • After complete skin recovery after any kind of surgery, burn or injury you can schedule an appointment. The healing is usually complete within 3-6 months, and in some cases may last more than a year. 

  • Areola and nipple tattooing is performed with numbing cream if necessary.

  • The duration of the procedure can last 1-3 hours.

  • To achieve natural-looking results 2-4 sessions are required, one month apart.

  • Valeria uses pigments specifically made for areola and nipple tattooing. These shades match the innate color perfectly, which creates an indistinguishably natural look.

  • Scar tissue may become red and swollen during the procedure, but this subsides within a few days. A transparent dressing applied to the treated area will protect it afterwards.

  • The results are permanent, some fading may occur over the years, and refresh sessions may be desired. Each body is different, and different factors, like age, quality of pigment, bodily features, and metabolic rate can affect the result over time.

Realistic 3D Areola and Nipple tattoo

The final step in a long journey for those who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery after cancer.

Areola Scar Camouflage

Hide scars or other imperfections from surgeries or injuries to restore the natural skin color.

Decorative Areola / Heart-Shaped Areola

Add color and definition. Correct asymmetry and areola size. Create heart-shaped areola.

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