Rejuvi is a specifically designed cream that has magnetic properties.

By using a tattoo machine, this fluid is delivered to the tattoo and immediately captures the original tattoo ink.

The fluid erupts through the skin surface along with colored ink.

Rejuvi Tattoo Remover is specially formulated not to remain in the skin.

The skin will actually repel, or eject, the mixture to the skin surface to form a protective scab or crust, which will naturally peel off from the skin on its own.

Generally, the first treatment will provide excellent results.

Once the crust has naturally fallen away, a large amount of ink will have been removed from the skin.

About Valeria 


I felt that my life’s calling when I discovered a cosmetic tattooing procedure.  

I regard it as my mission and pleasure in helping people to rebuild their self-esteem and a positive self-image. 

To see overjoyed clients after the procedure inspires me for further growth and for helping more people in need. I believe that people deserve to look beautiful and feel confident.

I sincerely hope I can help you.

remove your unhappy permanent makeup

Benefits of Rejuvi remover:

  • removes pigments of any color and type with equal efficiency

  • minimizes the risk of scars and skin tightening

  • does not contain trichloroacetic acid (TCA), which provokes scar formation

  • is not carcinogenic

  • has a hypoallergenic composition

  • is not painful

  • gives an almost instant effect

  • does not expose the skin to the risk of hypo- and hyperpigmentation

  • is a professional product, rigorously tested in scientific laboratories

  • used by the world's leading masters for more than 15 years

  • recommended by 7000 artists who are members of the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals of the USA (SPCP)

Is this method better than laser removal?

  • As far as the cost is concerned, Rejuvi tattoo removal is more cost-effective than laser treatment. This is because fewer number of sessions are required compared to laser treatment, so the overall cost is greatly reduced

  • laser treatment does not result in complete removal of tattoo, even after multiple sessions

  • Rejuvi does not burn the skin as laser does. Also, there are very little chance of scarring after Rejuvi tattoo removal

  • Rejuvi is also not color selective and will remove all inks, unlike some laser machines which can’t break down certain colors, usually the lighter shades

  • quick – usually takes less than an hour to remove permanent makeup or small tattoos

  • much less pain or discomfort compared with laser methods, particularly for removal of permanent makeup on the facial area


client results

Good to know

  • You will be required to wait between 4 – 10 weeks between each treatment to allow the skin to heal fully.

  • The amount of sessions is calculated individually.

  • The treatment takes a minimum of 25 minutes to numb the skin and an additional 15 – 25 minutes  for the procedure, depending on the size.

  • Rejuvi Tattoo Remover is very effective after laser removal.




In-person consultation with Valeria regarding your particular case. Discuss possible outcome and get all your questions answered for FREE. 


Removal 1 session

1-3 sessions required


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client reviews

  • Valeria is the sweetest and most professional tech! She goes above and beyond to make sure I am happy with my new eyebrows.I was so impressed by Valeria’s attention to detail and artistry! Her upbeat yet calm personality made me feel comfortable and the appointment enjoyable. I also loved that the service didn’t feel rushed, and I was guided through the entire process. I am so happy with how my eyebrows look. I’ve gotten many compliments! My eyebrows look amazing!! I highly recommend this for anyone looking for microblading.
  • I highly recommend Valeria Micropigmentation. Valeria did powder eyebrows for me. Valeria was great when I came for an initial consultation. I was surprised it is free because many places charge for it! But Valeria is so nice and she wants her clients to make the right decision with no rush and wasting money. There was no pressure, she was listening to my concerns and desired outcome, then she gave me her opinion and made a mapping to show me how it is going to look like! We also discussed the color. I was so impressed so I couldn't wait to get my eyebrows done! I am very satisfied. Thank you!
  • Very friendly place with good vibes. Valeria gave me excellent eyebrows today. She listened to what I wanted, advised me on what would suit my face so accordingly. She knew what she is doing. Highly recommended. Thank you so much!
  • Came for a scar camouflage after breast surgery. I felt so insecure about one of the most intimate parts of my body. The scars were terrible I couldn’t look at the mirror…It’s hard for me to trust anyone but! It was extremely comfortable to work with Valeria!! She was very reassuring and informative throughout the entirety of the treatment. And extremely accommodating and patient with my specific wants. I couldn't have requested a better experience with cosmetic tattooing service. Thank you, Valeria!
  • Great place and service! I’m so happy with the results. My brows look awesome now. Was extremely nervous but Valeria explained the whole process and convinced me with her professionalism. Looking forward to my next visit. Thank you so much. Will definitely recommend you.

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