Bringing Work And Passion To Bodies That Have Experienced Unwanted Change

When a passion for creativity, aesthetics, and a desire to help people is combined with the relevant medical training, you have a gift that will improve the quality of life of those who have survived health challenges that have caused unwanted physical changes.

Valeria, the founder of Valeria Micropigmentation, uses the deeper essence of permanent makeup and paramedical micro-pigmentology to bring job and confidence to those whose bodies have experienced unwanted changes.

Originally from Russia, Valeria felt that her life’s calling was realized when she discovered the permanent makeup procedure. Whilst it is primarily used globally for making cosmetic upkeep easier, which she learned about in her modeling career, Valeria quickly saw the true beauty in helping rebuild self-esteem and a positive self-image when the chips are stacked against a woman.

Her love of communication is also satiated as her clients can discuss their challenges, their needs, and hear her solutions. One of the best factors of her solutions is that the results are instantly visible. Seeing the relief and joy on her clients’ faces continually confirms to Valeria that she has made the right business choices.

Another of the skillsets that Valeria’s clients benefit from is that she studied art. This ability to artistically rebuild features, and to carefully color match skin tones delivers stunning results.

Clients that are using Valeria’s services have been through chemotherapy and suffered hair loss on their heads or their eyebrows. Scalp micro-pigmentation replicates each hair follicle, visually increasing the hair density. The results are very natural and undetectable. Other challenges brought to Valeria are mastectomy scars. She expertly and delicately creates a new areola. In addition, she conceals scars using careful color matching.

The key to the success of Valeria’s services is that she utilizes the best quality pigments available. Unlike other pigments used in the market, these do not discolor, fade or ‘bleed’. A decorative areola, for example, lasts a lifetime. The other factor that supports longevity is the injection of the ink into the correct skin level. These factors highlight the importance of using a highly qualified, experienced paramedical micro-pigmentologist versus an aesthetician tattoo artist.

Valeria does not ignore the purely aesthetic requests of her clients. She is happy to add in the service of densifying eyebrows, correcting lip asymmetry, or gently deepening the color of the lips.

How Medical Tattoos – Micropigmentation – Disguises Hair Loss, Scars And Mastectomies

Micropigmentation, a medical derivative of the old fashioned tattoo, is changing the lives of men and women globally who have experienced unwanted physical changes. From scalp hair loss, eyebrow hair loss, lip pigmentation, and symmetry to areola and nipple 3D tattoos micro-pigmentation offers a quick, non-surgical solution.

Valeria Micropigmentation specializes in this field. There are many treatments for any existing human affliction from surgical to topical to psychological to spiritual. Each person will choose their journey or journeys. One journey that can value quickly, cost-effectively, and with low risks is micro-pigmentation.

Having a skilled creative eye, experience in beauty for media consumption, a love of therapeutic communication, and a deep desire to use that skillset to help people have lead Valeria to refocus her micro-pigmentation business to more altruistic causes.


People who have a full head of hair mostly view hair augmentation as a vanity. The minute you start losing your hair, your interest in hair augmentation will alter quickly. Hair augmentation via micro-pigmentation will help premature baldness in youth, alopecia, and hair loss due to chemotherapy.

A percentage of men who have had hair transplants, which cost up to four times the price of micro-pigmentation, have stated that, had they have known about micro-pigmentation they would have considered it as a solution for them. The results are almost instant versus a six to 12-month process for a transplant, the pain levels are less with micro-pigmentation, the infection rates and the rejection levels are much lower.

Scalp pigmentation can assist you even if you are experiencing total baldness, partial baldness, and alopecia or hair loss due to chemotherapy.

As with hair transplants, you must use a specialist for micro-pigmentation, not your local tattoo parlor. The subtlety of a hairline when achieving a shaved, micro pigmented finish is not easily achieved by an inexperienced hand.


Eyebrow pigmentation can assist you if you are afflicted with eyebrow hypertrichosis, eyebrow madarosis, or eyebrow loss due to chemotherapy. Micropigmentation is a speedy, instant fix to these challenges. An alternative solution to thinning eyebrows is micro-blading. There are signification disadvantages to this as micro-blading is exactly what it says: a tiny blade makes lots of fine cuts in your brow skin then depositing pigment in. This causes permanent scarring and continuous scarring. Micropigmentation is less invasive than micro-blading and hair plug implants.


If you are undergoing breast reconstruction and need an areola or nipple 3D tattoo, this can be done via coloration of a skin flap or a full 3D tattoo. A full 3D tattoo / micropigmentation is a less invasive solution as it avoids a second operation after a post-breast mound reconstruction and does not run the risk of affecting the shape of the beautiful new breast mound.


The benefits that can be brought to lips are in the area of hyperpigmentation, blemishes, or asymmetry. Color blending can assist with disguising any variations in pigment that have developed. If an asymmetrical shape needs to be corrected or there I a loss of collagen, the fullness of the lips can be amplified via micropigmentation.

If you have scarring from an injury, need hair augmentation, or are undergoing chemotherapy, preparing for a mastectomy, and wish to discuss your options and the process with Valeria contact her today on 929 503 8092 or Appointments are available in New York and in Miami.