Creating an absolutely natural look with a realistic effect, microblading eyebrows are difficult to distinguish from the real ones. Eyebrow tattoo allows you to emphasize the shape and color of the eyebrows.

This method has a long-lasting effect and helps to hide any aesthetic imperfections in appearance.

Wake up with perfection and confidence


the pigment is evenly distributed in the gaps between the hairs, emphasizing the natural shape of the eyebrows


drawing individual hairs in directions that mimic natural growth in order to increase the look of eyebrow density and volume

Am I a candidate?

The most common reasons for reaching out to an eyebrow tattoo specialist are related to aesthetic and medical indications.

  • you have excessively light off in hairs

  • you have hairs that grow chaotically or unevenly, forming empty areas 

  • your brow arch contours are indistinct without clear outlines

  • you experience hair loss due to a medical condition or chemotherapy 

  • you have bald spots due to any circumstances like injuries/trauma/burns 

Stages of eyebrow tattoo procedure

The first, and perhaps most important, step after cleansing is discussing the shape, defining the shades, and drawing the outline. If there are no eyebrows at all, it is recommended to bring a picture so the specialist can focus on your natural, innate look. The duration of the procedure is 1.5-3 hours.

  • Consultation

  • Application of numbing cream

  • Drawing the sketch, client’s approval

  • Color blending

  • Pigment inserting

  • Aftercare recommendations

  • Touch-up in a month

eyebrow tattoo

Advantages of eyebrow tattoos

  • There is no downtime the brows only take about 6 to 12 days to fully heal. 
  • It's safe! Valeria uses disposable needles and equipment for each client to ensure that there is no cross-contamination.
  • The brow shape and color are custom-made do your facial structure and preferences.
  • It doesn't affect her growth.
  • Results last for up to 1-2 years, depending on individual circumstances such as the skin type, aftercare, health condition, and lifestyle.
  • It's painless! Numbing cream is applied tearing the procedure.

Microblading or Ombre eyebrows, what to choose?

There are visual differences between them, and you can make a decision based on the effect you would like to achieve. Microblading is a stroke technique, which helps to recreate missing spots or hairs. As a result, you get a very natural result. Ombre eyebrows are for those who prefer to wear everyday makeup, especially brow tinting. With powder/ombre brows you will get a defined brow shape and saturated color: no more pencil routine every morning.

    What's the difference ?

    watch the video below

    Now you graphically watched the difference between hand and machine microblading.

    Using the manual method, the specialist is not able to constantly control the depth and rate of pigment injection. As a result, the client gets multicolored hairs made at different depths, and ugly micro scars are often formed on thin skin.

    By choosing the machine technique which Valeria provides, you get the finest hairs with a soft beginning and a thin end, like natural eyebrows. It is simply impossible to achieve the same effect with a blade.


    MACHINE technique



    does the latest european technique


    HAND technique


    99% artists

    do the old manual technique

    Powder Eyebrows / Ombre Brows

    Enhance the soft and natural look with powder eyebrows. Transform your shape and color, add more definition, or create an arch.

    Hair stroke / Microblading (machine technique)

    Restore your eyebrows or fill in lost hair spots with hair stroke technique.

    Alopecia / Hair loss

    Get immediate transformation when there is no medical cure. Great solution for alopecia areata or after chemotherapy.

    Male Eyebrows

    Mens eyebrow tattoo to restore or fill in lost hair spots. Perfect for alopecia or empty spots after injuries.

    Restore your appearance, making it complete, and regain your self-confidence. Get the effect that will not wash off with water and you will always look perfect with it!

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