7 Factors To Find The Best Microblading Artist

There are hundreds of microblading artists on the market now. How can you possibly determine who you can entrust your face to? The choice is quite difficult, and if you don't know what to pay attention to, you could go a bit crazy and end up not going through with this wonderful procedure. 

Below are the most important factors. Follow this list and you will find your artist, and therefore the eyebrows of your dreams.

  1. Portfolio. A large number of photos before, after, and (most importantly) healed works must be present in a good artist. Immediately after the procedure, the eyebrows often look beautiful, but the healed version is very different. The quality of the work can be assessed only after the healing process, which takes 4 weeks. Only after this period can you see all the mistakes the artist might have made, such as the insertion of pigment too deep, uneven staining, the visibility of lines, and incorrectly selected colors.

  2. Focus. A professional microblading and permanent makeup artist only deals with cosmetic tattooing. They do not provide services in other fields, such as cosmetology, manicure, etc. The presence of a wide range of services indicates a lack of clients in microblading, and hence a low level of experience of the professional.

  3. Professionalism. A professional master should have a high-quality website that goes into detail on the artist, client testimonials, and photos of the results. A master who is ready to invest in a website has a professional approach to his or her work.

  4. Reputation. Open Google Maps, enter a studio or artist and read the reviews. Pay attention to the dates of the reviews and how long the artist has been practicing. These reviews can’t be created in a day or a week, and can, for the most part, be trusted more than website testimonials.

  5. Price. Don't look for the cheapest artist. High-quality work is expensive, since a specialist spends a huge amount of money on his or her training, high-quality materials and equipment, marketing, and so on. If the price is below the average for the location, you should be wary. Read here about how much microblading should cost.

  6. Communication. Pay attention to how the artist communicates with you, how much the master speaks openly about all the pros and cons of the procedure, and how attentive he or she is to your case. A professional may even refuse to do the procedure in some cases, since honesty and quality are more valuable than money. This may occur in cases of touching up the work of a previous master or in cases related to individual medical conditions.

  7. Consultations. There should always be the possibility of free consultations. If a master is ready to provide you a free consultation and spends time with you, knowing that you may not book a procedure, it is a sure sign of quality and openness.

With patience and attentiveness, you will find your ideal artist!